The whole truth about hormones and not only

Hormones are intermediaries without which it is impossible to do. These are substances without which the vital activity of our body is impossible. And not only ours – in organisms of animals and plants hormones are also developed. The name “hormone” comes from the Greek word “hormao” which can be translated as “encourage.”

Everyone knows what hormones are. And, at the same time, few people, except doctors, can give a clear definition of the word “hormone”. Most likely it will be said something like: “this is the right substance that is produced in our body.” Yes, on the one hand it is-hormones are produced in our body and the body needs them. But bile is also produced by the body and is also needed for digestion, but is not a hormone. And the tear produced by the lacrimal gland for wetting and cleansing the surface of the eye is also not a hormone.

The correct definition would be as follows. Hormone is a highly specific biologically active substance produced by the endocrine glands, which enters the blood and has a targeted effect on target cells, remote from the place of secretion.

Highly specific! Each hormone is unique, individual and inimitable.

Biologically active! Nowadays, the concept of “biologically active” is used at every step, and not always to the point. But the biological activity of hormones is not spoken for the sake of a red word, because they actually participate in the implementation of certain processes of vital activity of the organism. The biological activity of hormones is very high. In negligible quantities, they have a pronounced effect on the body.

Into the blood! This is a very important clarification, because hormones are transported through the body with blood.

Purposeful action! Each hormone has its specific purpose and regulates certain functions of the body (one or more). Figuratively speaking, each hormone has one or more professions. Hormones and act strictly within the framework of their professions.

Target cells! Each hormone has its own target – specific cells with receptors which the hormone interacts.

Far from the place of secretion! Hormones are produced in one place (that is – one body), and act in another. For example, growth hormone somatotropin is produced in the pituitary gland (what it is, you will learn from the first Chapter of this book), and acts on the bones, the liver, the pancreas.

If you are wondering how the company acts in your body intermediaries-hormones as hormones control you, this book is for you. Do not be afraid that you will not understand something, because the book is written in simple and understandable language, without abuse of scientific terms and without abstruse reasoning. It could be rightfully called “the course of endocrinology for dummies”.

To learn the secrets of your body is not only exciting, but also very useful. “Know thyself” was written on the wall of the ancient Greek temple of Apollo at Delphi. These words concerned not only the spiritual component, but also the physical one.

What is our life? A game of hormones!

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