Effective doses of antioxidants

Many healers describe the positive experience of treating cancer with buckwheat porridge. The secret of the success of such a diet is that buckwheat is the record for the content of quercetin — up to 8 %.

It is a bioflavonoid substance, which is not only a good antioxidant, but at the same time an oxygenator, i.e. a substance that promotes the flow of oxygen to diseased cancer cells. Moreover, quercetin restores the activity of “broken” in cancer cells of the p53 gene. It regulates reproduction: as soon as the cell tries to become a “cancer” pathway of development, the p53 gene causes either a stop in the reproduction of abnormal cells, or their death.

Let’s try to take quercetin as a base antioxidant.

In 100 g buckwheat porridge contains 8 g of the active substance. During the treatment of Oncology buckwheat diet patients consumed 300-500 g of porridge per day, ie 24-40 g of quercetin.

As a result, there were unique cases of cure, but a stable effect or at least a pronounced trend was not.

Nevertheless, this experience was a unique clue that Oncology can be treated with nutrition and this method should be improved in some way.

I suggested that different types of tumors differ in the threshold of amphoteric response to oxygenators and the depth of anaerobic glycolysis. This means that they need to pick up a special, individually adapted in its properties to antioxid antes that are in resonance with amphoteric threshold of onkokletok. In addition, for each tumor type should choose their dose, rather megadose, these substances, unfortunately, in each case, this is done empirically.

One of the criteria that you are on the right track is the reduction of cancer pain and intoxication. If during the reception of these substances they are reduced, it means that you are on the right track and you need to continue such treatment.

Quercetin is the most versatile tool in the treatment of cancer. According to approximate calculations, it is necessary to use 24-40 g per day, and to enhance the effect it is better to 40-60 g daily. One of the cheapest quercetin-containing drugs is BAD capillary, which can be purchased in pharmacies. One large package contains 200 tablets of 10 mg. the Price of packaging 200-240 rubles. On the day it is necessary 20-30 packages. On the manufacturer the price will be two times less, for example 100. That is, the daily costs — at least 2000 rubles. Course of 3 months worth 180 thousand. Of course costly and not all acceptable. But from 50 to 75 % you can replace products — buckwheat porridge and juices.

Antioxidants in its properties are divided into water soluble (polyphenolic flavonoids, anthocyanins, etc.), fat soluble (vitamin E, catrinoiu, lycopene, etc.), minerals (selenium) and cationite.

It is proved that fatty antioxidants accumulate most in the prostate and it is here that they are more than anywhere else, show anti-cancer effect. Blueberry anthocyanins accumulate most in the tissues of the eyes and brain.

The most effective is succinic acid, which was clinically tested for use in Oncology and showed a positive effect up to the cases of cancer treatment. Also used ascorbic acid (vitamin C), salicylic acid (aspirin), citric acid and many others.

As practice has shown, complex treatment, including fruit and vegetable diet, fortified drinks containing succinic acid, gave very encouraging results.

The mortality rate of patients has decreased several times, their condition has significantly improved, and their working capacity has increased.

Succinic acid — a typical oxygenator that allows you to transfer cancer cells from anaerobic metabolism to aerobic and make them healthy, increases cellular respiration, promotes the absorption of oxygen by cells. For example, the increase in the rate of oxygen consumption by liver cells with the addition of succinic acid increases 60 times.

The drug is harmless, does not accumulate in the body, so it can be used for a long time and even constantly. Increasing the dose does not lead to negative consequences.

The fact that succinic acid inhibits the growth of tumors, and diverse, established empirically and does not contradict modern scientific views on the nature of cancer. As a powerful oxygenator, it accumulates in the area of tumor cells, thereby inhibiting their division and reproduction.

Succinic acid reduces the side effects of a number of chemotherapeutic agents, especially such as nausea, weakness, depression.

Succinic acid also has “favorite diseases”, in which it gives the greatest effect — mastopathy, cysts, fibroids and infertility.

The effect of succinic acid is most likely associated with inhibition of pathological cell division, whereby the tumor turns into a cluster of dead cells and gradually dissolves.

Recommended dose

Under normal conditions, it is recommended to take 2-3 tablets of 100 mg, in some cases, it is allowed to increase the dose to 5-8 tablets per day. It is believed that in Oncology doses should be inflated and reach 5-10 tablets per day, at the terminal phase — up to 15-20 tablets.

It is best to take the drug in combination with berry and fruit juices (vinegar) or beet juice.

Succinic acid in tablets or preparations thereof — antavit, mitomin (amber and ascorbic acid), enerlit (ammonium succinate), Yanta, antarit, “Buffalo”, “JAN”, amber elixir is available in pharmacies.

In all cases, succinic acid in combination with agents that contribute to the removal of toxins, significantly reduces the effects of intoxication and increases its resistance to the toxic effects of certain substances and free radicals. Therefore, it should be taken before, during and after chemotherapy, in parallel with alkaline calcium preparations. They help to reduce cancer and intoxication of the body as a result of the allocation of metabolites of cancer cells.

In the case of a combination of succinic acid with chlorophyll drugs, a decrease in the toxic effect of large doses (which are recommended in Oncology) on healthy tissues should be expected. The fact is that often an obstacle to increasing doses of chlorophyll is its toxic effect on the bone marrow, possible allergic reactions.

In General, in such a two-sided balanced system, neither catabolic nor anabolic processes will be strengthened, but the liquid media of the body will be purified.

Oxygenators in such a powerful buffer system work much more efficiently, intensively, their therapeutic effect will be more pronounced.

Ascorbic and citric acids have the properties to enhance the action of the main oxygenators. Their use leads to improved kislorodolechenie tissues.

Interesting were the data given by L. Pauling [16] on the treatment of cancer with superpowerful doses of vitamin C, he presented many positive examples of cure. At the same time, other scientists have proved that vitamin C in large doses is harmful to blood vessels, their perforation begins. Indeed, in order to achieve the obvious effect, it is necessary to take such prohibitively high doses that the human body is simply not able to absorb them. If normal vitamin C should not be more than 100 mg, then cancer these doses are recommended to increase to 2-6 g, sometimes more!

Application of salicylic acid (aspirin)

Scientists from the cancer Center (UK) found that aspirin slows down the development of prostate cancer, preventing the action of an enzyme that promotes the growth and reproduction of tumor cells. Doctors believe that the delay in the growth of malignant tumors with aspirin tablets can be an alternative to surgery and radiation therapy.

Specialists of the cancer Institute (USA) according to the results of studies concluded that regular and long-term use of small doses of aspirin (once or twice a week for one year) reduces the risk of lung cancer to 43 %. And the effect is enhanced with increasing duration and frequency of use of aspirin. In addition to preventive properties, it has the ability to restrain metastases of existing tumors. Most likely, this is due to the fact that salicylic acid is able to cleanse the body of harmful metabolites.

Application of acetic acid

In the literature, you can find a description of cases of cancer treatment with liquids containing dilute acetic acid.

I was struck by a case where a patient with cancer managed to cure the disease with tomato brine, taken up to 2 liters per day, for a long time.

From the description of the disease

The patient had a weight of 95 kg, lost weight to 45 kg, suffer diarrhea. Belly greatly increased, became hard, very painful in the center, and through the umbilical cord began to leave a cloudy smelly liquid. After the operation, the doctor noted that the entire peritoneum resembles calico — red-cherry and black dots were found on all internal organs, on the liver — a white plaque, and in the peritoneum — a stench.


Idiopathic disease of the peritoneum and the umbilical cord, cancer of the peritoneum.

Began to be taken away leg, the patient is basically lying once he wanted brine of tomato, drank a whole litre of this cast in the heat, humming and buzzing in my stomach. And when “outplayed”, felt much better. This was a clue that the brine — salvation. Drank it without measure. After experimenting with the diet, the patient found the optimal nutrition for himself.

In any case, you can not eat anything milk, soups, cereals from wheat, rice, corn, malt, barley, no sweets, coffee, compotes, jelly, white bread from wheat. pies, bagels, cookies and assorted muffins. Vodka, alcohol, cognac, beer — too it is impossible. Jelly, jelly, eggs and potatoes — it is impossible. Corroding disease it is necessary and acidic foods. In an acidic environment, no infection is delayed. Rare borsch with tomatoes, cucumbers, cabbage, beets, onions, garlic — the basis of nutrition. The sourer the better. Borscht is prepared with brines and 9% vinegar, but not Apple. Better vinegar soured wine, still alive, i.e. which floats on top of vinegar white mold. Add 6-10 tablespoons of vinegar to a five-liter saucepan. The food should contain all sorts of vegetables (except carrots) in the form of salads and pickles, fish, mandatory acceptance of fish oil. Bread can be rye; porridge: buckwheat, occasionally wheat. Pepper, onion, garlic, greens — the more, the better.

Following his diet, the patient was cured and lived for about 30 years.

Some fear that such a sour diet is supposedly harmful to the kidneys, liver. If the liver and kidneys are healthy, then there is no reason to worry, and it is necessary to fight with a more important problem — cancer. However, I recommend watching in the morning: are there any swelling under the eyes and a heavy sensation in the kidneys? You may have “overdone” the acid or your kidneys are weak. If you experience discomfort and symptoms, drink distilled water and reduce the acid dose.

Application of acetic acid by B. Bolotov

Speaking about the acidic effects on the body, it is necessary to take into account the recommendations of Boris Bolotov and a number of other authors describing cases of cancer treatment using dilute acetic acid.

Rules of acetic acid intake

We must start with the admission of acetic acid (1/2 Cup water — 1 tablespoon 9 % vinegar). Such receptions need to be made to 10-15 a day until the pain stops. After drinking water with vinegar should take 1 g of salt.

Vinegar is also added to 1 teaspoon in sour milk, fermented baked milk, yogurt, acidophilic milk, in all kinds of teas prepared on medicinal plants. The dosage is the same — 1 tablespoon per 1/2 Cup of tea. It is desirable to prepare tea on sulfur-containing plants [17] (raspberry fruits, Linden flowers, chamomile, birch buds, boiling water, etc.).

Sore spots also need to lubricate with vinegar and sprinkle with Glauber’s salt or copper sulfate, can be done with these substances vinegar compresses. Vinegar treatments in many cases relieve pain completely, and sometimes significantly reduce them.

The reception of the vinegar should be done gradually increasing the dose and carefully watching the condition of the body. Vinegar causes accelerated fat burning, so people taking it can lose weight. It reduces craving for sweets and reduces appetite.

Example of influence of other organic acids

There are known cases of curing patients thanks to the intake of a large quantity of green fruit.

From the description of the disease

The diagnosis is lung cancer with metastases, the operation is too late. The patient was discharged for “treatment” at home.

One folk healer told him about the treatment of such patients with very green apples. Began to gather apples the size of a cherry to a walnut, grind them in a meat grinder and feed him gruel with honey, sour cream, syrup, yogurt (or her not to swallow). Fed through force, so as appetite not was. But the thirst for life made it possible to overcome all difficulties.

Two months later, the patient went to work. The doctor of the unit sent him for examination to the same hospital. As soon as he appeared there, the doctors did not recognize him, and when they found out — they were shocked. Conducted a survey, the conclusion is healthy.

Obviously, in this case, the basis of treatment was the long-term use of a huge amount of fruit organic acids. It is also known that unripe apples you can substitute unripe grapes, etc. treatment of cancer using heavy-duty doses of vitamin C, he introduced many positive examples of recovery. At the same time, other scientists have proved that vitamin C in large doses is harmful to blood vessels, their perforation begins. Indeed, in order to achieve the obvious effect, it is necessary to take such prohibitively high doses that the human body is simply not able to

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