Feld, December 1, 1971

On may 28, 1964, I was admitted to the hospital with suspected intestinal obstruction.

After examination, the attending physician diagnosed bowel cancer. I was supposed to be operated on and given an artificial conclusion.

After my sister Antonia gave me a sign from above that I would be cured without surgery, I was discharged from the hospital and at home. But every day I felt worse.

At this time, my sister learned from friends of pilgrims who went to the Holy places in Vigratsbad about a man who treats cancer without surgery. The sister asked one of them to send this Mr. Broys of Bludenz to us. The latter arrived the next day and determined by the iris that I had cancer of the lower colon and small intestine. At his direction, I conducted a full course of treatment.

On day 35, the tumor resolved. Since then, I feel good, I have no complaints, and I am able to work every day.

I heartily thank the mother of God for pointing out to me Mr. Broys, who helped me to be completely cured by his advice and unselfish care.

J. R., 7988 Wangen Im Allgem. I

Note: treatment was performed on June 28, 1964; the patient died on January 8, 1985 of heart failure.

Wangen, February 9, 1973

On September 19, 1972, I noticed a large, tight muscle in my right breast. My home doctor immediately referred me to the hospital for surgery. But since I knew about the treatment of cancer juices by the method of Mr. Broys, I refused surgery and started a course of treatment. After three weeks, the tumor changed, and six weeks after the start of treatment, there was no trace of the tumor. My home doctor was amazed at the success of the treatment and told me that with such a large tumor would have to do radical surgery.

I am very happy that thanks to the success of the treatment, I can continue to live as a full-fledged person in my forties.

From the bottom of my heart I am grateful to Mr. Broys, who has already helped many people, and, not least, to the Lord God. I wish that Mr. Broys could help me and many other patients for a long time.

Frau G. S. 1998 Wangen im Allgam

Note: in 1955, the patient is all right.

On Christmas day, 1964, I fell ill with leukemia, inflammation of the joints and heart muscle, was taken to the hospital and did not feel better until my husband brought Mr. Broys to the hospital. Already on the way from Vigratsbad to Ravensburg, Mr. Broys said that within three days there would be improvement, and in six days I would be able to return home. I drank tea and juice, and the results were not slow to tell. About six days later I was discharged from the hospital.

I am very grateful to Mr. Broys for his efforts. Frau Fis H., 1989 Argenbuht.

Bludenz, January 20, 1973

Twenty-three years ago, I was supposed to be operated on for breast cancer. But since my mother died after such an intervention, I could not decide on the operation, although I was getting worse from year to year.

Five years passed, and, to my great joy, we had Mr. Broys on official business. Since he understands medicine and is a good diagnostician, I decided to trust him: I held out my left hand to him and asked if I was healthy. When he told me that my right breast was not all right, I was very impressed by his insight, because I knew that I had breast cancer. When asked if he could help me, Mr. Broys replied that there was one remedy: he had already made a mixture of juices for malignant diseases ten years ago, and recommended a course of treatment with juices, although he noted that in this way he intended to treat only cancer of the stomach. Broys also added that I would be the first to experience this treatment, and he does not yet know whether it is possible to withstand 42 days, eating only juices.

Determined, I began the juice treatment the next day. Since there were no juicers at the time, it was not easy. Vegetables had to be grated and then squeezed into the cloth or using a potato press.

I was pleasantly surprised, because during the treatment I felt very good, although I lost weight during the course of treatment a few kilograms. After 42 days, the malignant tumor disappeared, there was still no relapse, and I feel good.

I thank you, Mr. Broys, from the bottom of my heart for the good advice you gave me at the time; I rejoice that I was the first to be cured by Your method.

Your “Full course of cancer treatment” I strongly recommend to all inoperable patients.

With thanks, Maria Nesensohn, Reformhaus. Gartcnstrabe 15, 6700 Bludenz

Note: currently healthy, March 1991

Bludenz. January 20, 1973 Second letter.

A few years after I was cured of breast cancer with your “Full course of cancer treatment,” I suddenly had very severe headaches, and I thought I had a tumor in my brain. I was in despair and asked You, Mr. Brass, to diagnose me on the iris of the eye. You found, to my delight, that I had no tumor, that I had a nerve between the third and fourth cervical vertebrae, and sent me to a chiropractor in Zurich. We, my husband and I, gave This doctor your diagnosis, and he took an x-ray. On the basis of the picture he said that the diagnosis is exactly true, and asked what kind of doctor in Bludenz made such an accurate diagnosis, because in his practice this has not happened. Then we told him that this good diagnostician is a simple electrician, but at the same time passionately interested in medicine and happy when he manages to help sick people. To this the doctor noticed, then you need to pay tribute to this man.

After a few sessions with this therapist, my headaches went away. I am still very grateful to you, Mr. Broys, for the correct diagnosis and the kind advice you gave me again so unselfishly.

Your grateful patient-Maria Nesensohn Reformhaus Garienstrabe, 15, 6700, Bludenz

Note: Ms. Nezinho in March 1991, is still in full force worked in his firm.

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