Cancer can be defeated! Trap for cancer cells

Cancer can be defeated! Trap for cancer cells


When reviewing the available literature on the treatment of cancer with non-traditional methods, the most attention is drawn to methods based on the use of large doses of antioxidants. To date, described a huge number of cases of natural healing of cancer patients by taking ultra-high doses of antioxidants. But, unfortunately, the results achieved in many patients remain unstable, experts do not have reliable statistics, and the patterns of treatment have not been found. Therefore, the mechanisms of amazing healing of cancer patients are still a mystery.

I have been dealing with the problem of healing cancer patients for many years and always believed that the use of antioxidants is the only correct and easiest way to solve the problem. In some cases, even severe cancer amenable to antioxidant treatment, and a large number of examples given in this book, suggests that my research is going in the right direction. The essence of the method is to force the body to overcome the disease, to heal itself from a terrible disease. To do this, the body has its own mechanisms of struggle, but they must be able to use.

The main principle of the proposed method of treatment is the weakening of the tumor by introducing a selective regime of permanent catabolization in it.

Catabolism is one of the two opposite processes of intracellular metabolism associated with self-destruction (dissimilation) of organic substances in cells.

Catabolism exhausting energy of onkokletok. Cancer cells lose their ability to unregulated growth and change many of their physiological parameters, including becoming visible to the immune system. And then even not strong enough immunity becomes easier to cope with them.

Unbalanced catabolism leads to the connection of mechanisms of intracellular lysis (self-destruction, death, self-dissolution) only cancer cells. The effect of it will be similar to the cytostatic effect of chemotherapy.

It is possible to select particularly powerful oxygenators (special drugs that repeatedly enhance oxygenation — the supply of oxygen to cancer cells), which will give an effect similar to cytostatic (stopping cell growth). At the same time, unlike chemotherapy, the effect will be softer and completely harmless. However, the products that give this effect, and both are nutrients that feed onkokletki. Therefore, preference should be given to their purified extracts or tablets. In order for them to show their full effect, extracts and tablets of nutrients should be taken in extra large doses — megadoses. The purpose of their application is to break the algorithm of development of cancer cells and stop their growth.

Another object of the oxygenator is to prevent the processes of necrosis in the tumors. If necrolysis is preemptive, such tumors will go unnoticed, without pus, ulcers, fistulas, disintegration. If it is not possible to prevent the death of tumor cells, they will die in parts, while provoking the growth of new peripheral clones of cancer cells. In the latter case, there is a further depletion of immunity and intoxication of the entire body.

One of the features of the method lies in the fact that against the backdrop of positional fighting, with the aim of wearing down and the inhibition of growth of are special cycles of fasting. The purpose of the latter is to accelerate the decay of cancer cells. It is during these attacks there is a maximum violation of the metabolism of tumor cells.

Never before and no one proposed feature of therapeutic fasting is that it is carried out against the background of the maximum permissible doses of mineral salts and simple organic acids.

Because of its transience, such attacks do not exhaust the body as a whole, but hit the. The result of fasting food chain anabolic metabolism broken. Trying to restore it, the cancer cell is forced to rebuild and strengthen catabolism. Thus, we achieve the predominance of catabolism over anabolism. We turn back the whole process of tumor development.

In the end several such persistent attacks the tumor is gradually eroding.

Today, there are numerous disparate methods of cancer treatment, which in fact, are the details of the overall mechanism. Only by collecting and applying them together, we can start the mechanism of healing from the tumor. The effectiveness of the application of techniques taken separately is extremely low, and the result is so unconvincing that even recorded cases of healing do not attract the attention of official medicine, being outside the statistical evidence.

Only with a systematic integrated approach can we raise the synergy of existing techniques and start the real mechanisms of destruction of tumors.

Summarizing, we can say that the peculiarity of this method of treatment is the selection and application in excess of specific mineral salts and organic acids for simultaneous action on the alkaline and acidic wings of the metabolic pendulum. All this is carried out against the background of taking oxygenators in excess.

The success of the treatment will largely depend on the patient’s understanding of the mechanisms of the proposed treatment and a clear follow — up to a given goal-to provoke destructive catabolic processes in the tumor and strengthen the immune system to such an extent that it can cope with the disease, and in the future prevent repeated metastasis.

There should be no compromises on this way, since the start and maintenance of the healing process is a very thin technology, and the slightest deviation from the parameters set by my method quickly nullifies efforts.

Of course, during treatment there is a reconfiguration, adaptation of the body to a new way of metabolism. The transition period is often accompanied by great difficulties, which are expressed in catabolic breaking. It can manifest itself in a sharp deterioration of health, exacerbation of many other ailments, the appearance of a new unusual numerous symptoms for two or more weeks. Then the body fully adapts to the new stable state, all the symptoms of withdrawal disappear, the General condition and health of the patient return to the original.

It is necessary to show perseverance and perseverance to overcome this difficult period of withdrawal. With the onset of stabilization begins the process of active struggle of the body with the tumor.

The duration of the period when there is a clear decrease in the tumor or its disappearance, all different, but there are cases when it decreased or disappeared in a few months. For others, this process lasts longer – up to six months or more.

In advanced stages with a sharp deterioration in the General condition, numerous secondary consequences of the underlying disease, such as pain, temperature, weakness, intoxication, the healing process begins more often with the weakening of these secondary symptoms. The fact is that metabolism is normally a dynamically stable process of balance of two opposite processes: anabolism and catabolism. In a healthy body, the preservation of this balance is provided by special mechanisms of homeostasis.

The food we take has two origins: anabolic and catabolic. Thanks to the mechanisms of homeostasis, the body takes from food exactly the amount of substances to maintain the balance of these two processes. The slightest deviation from the given regime leads to the dropping of the obtained achievement, and the opposite anabolic processes begin to appear in the tumor overactive. Hence, the task of the technique is to strictly maintain the state of stable catabolic dominant, and not periodic outbreaks of this process.

Yes, and work on strengthening ecommunicate is a double — edged sword: the slightest overload occurs and immunosuppression. Strengthen the same immunity should not just to the original norm, and many times higher, as in most cases we are dealing with advanced tumors, which the forces of conventional immunity can not be overcome. Therefore, the power of immunity must be adequate to the requirements, it must be many times stronger than usual. Simplifying the methodology or excluding any of its elements will result in loss of or loss of effectiveness.

I cannot cancel the official methods of treatment, but I believe that they can and should be combined, this will significantly increase the effectiveness of treatment. At the same time, it is necessary to recognize the absolute harmlessness of the proposed method.

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