3 myths about breast cancer, in which it is time to stop believing

3 myths about breast cancer, in which it is time to stop believing

We cannot influence the main risk factors — genetics, age and belonging to the female sex. Therefore, we are led to the idea that they are able to protect themselves from cancer, refusing, for example, from bras. However, this is nothing more than a delusion.

Myth # 1. Bra causes cancer

The myth that the bra causes breast cancer runs since about 1995. Then the book “Clothes that kills” was published, the authors of which wrote that there is a connection. This myth constantly emerges in different articles and books, only they are written not by cancer researchers and not even by doctors.

All these reviews and collections are not considered by experts, are not published in medical journals, have no scientific value. Studies are based on surveys of women who seem to show that women who don’t wear a bra are less likely to experience breast cancer than those who wear it 24 hours a day.

Such results are usually explained by the fact that the straps and bones prevent the circulation of blood and lymph, which is why in the mammary gland accumulate “slags” (I must say that about slags more broadcast representatives of pseudoscience). In fact, this is unlikely. Bones do not inhibit lymph flow, because it generally flows in the other direction. On the contrary, a properly selected bra protects the ligaments from stretching. In addition, the authors of the book about murderous clothes were criticized for not taking into account other factors that lead to an increased risk of cancer, such as obesity.

In 2014, the cancer research Center named Fred Hutchinson in Seattle (respected worldwide organization) has studied the effect of bra on the appearance of cancer. No connection. The same is confirmed by the British center Breast Cancer Now, the center for cancer research in the UK, The American cancer society, the American national Institute of health and some other research organizations.

American obstetrician-gynecologist Dr. Jennifer Gunter (Jennifer Gunter) believes that the myth of the dangers of bras is terrible, because women who have breast cancer, begin to blame themselves for the disease — because they wore a bra.

But if you do not like your clothes, you should not think about where to treat cancer, and go and pick up a convenient kit.

Myth # 2. Cancer appears due to antiperspirants

They say that deodorants cause cancer because they block the very slags that should come out with sweat, and also because aluminum salts that block the sweat glands, penetrate the skin into the bloodstream and provoke tumor growth. This information wanders around the Internet and causes panic: how so, really it is necessary to choose between hygiene and health?

Most of the harmful substances are excreted from our body through the liver and kidneys (so I want to drink with a hangover), and not through the armpits with sweat. Almost all the studies that speak about the dangers of antiperspirants are associated with one laboratory and one researcher, Dr. Philippe Darbre. One study, for example, shows that breast tissue contains aluminum. At first glance, everything looks convincing. But if you look closely, it turns out that the results are unreliable: there is no comparison of tumor tissue with healthy. Now, if the malignancy of aluminum was much more than in a healthy iron, the dependence would be visible.

In 2002, the journal of the National cancer Institute published a study involving 1,606 women. There was no connection between antiperspirants and cancer. Another 2006 study compared healthy to sick women. It turned out that 82% of healthy people used antiperspirant. Among patients-only 52%. That is, the theory of the relationship of antiperspirant and cancer has not been confirmed again.

Myth # 3. Mammography provokes cancer due to radiation and metastasis due to compression of the tumor

The earlier the cancer is detected, the higher the chances of recovery. Therefore, the myth of the dangers of mammography is dangerous.

The benefits of the study exceed any risk. Annual 20-minute examination gives a minimum dose of radiation, it is even less than the chest x-ray. And it’s certainly not enough to trigger cancer.

The process of metastasis, when cancer cells spread throughout the body, is biologically very complex and does not begin due to mechanical effects on the tumor.

Mammograms are afraid because the study can detect cancer. Once again, the sooner there is a tumor, the more effective the treatment. And only thanks to these surveys, 8 out of 10 women recover, although breast cancer was previously fatal.

If you are afraid of cancer, remember that there are several ways to protect against it: it is a healthy lifestyle and regular examinations, which with age should be held more often.

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